Fast4! - Edmonton Expo 2016

We were lucky enough to be able to cover the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo again this year, and wanted to take the opportunity to test out a new feature for our website - the Fast4!  Basically, this entailed of us wandering around the 'Artist Alley' portion of the Expo Hall until we were stopped in our tracks by a table full of awesome.  Then, we put the cool folks behind the tables on the spot, and asked them the same four questions.  Here are the results!

Our Questions

  1. Name someone or something that inspires you, that isn't directly related to the work you that you do.
  2. When you are starting a new project, what is the part that you find to be the most difficult? Or what is your favorite part of your process?
  3. Is there anyone around the Expo that we should check out, or that stood out to you?
  4. If the two of us were to cosplay, what would you suggest our costumes be?

Hope Nicholson

Hope Nicholson loves comics and hopes to share that love with others - helping artists and writers get their stories out to the world.

  1. My inspiration is one of my first bosses - a documentary producer. Previous to that I had fallen under the belief that if you are a woman in charge of a company you had to be firm or no one would take you seriously, but she was someone who believed in taking time off for your kids if you needed to. She got everything done, would work hard hours into the night and was successful, but wasn’t a hard person.
  2. Pacing myself. I’m big about just jumping in and getting things done, so sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and do all the work you need to get done in advance.
  3. I really like Pia Guerra and Ian Boothby - they are talented and very nice!
  4. Ghosts!

You can find out more about Hope Nicholson and her projects on her website.

Volume 2  of Moonshot The Indigenous Comics Collection, edited by Hope Nicholson and published by AH Comics.

Volume 2 of Moonshot The Indigenous Comics Collection, edited by Hope Nicholson and published by AH Comics.

Vic Malhotra

Vic Malhotra is a comic book creator and artist, who has worked for such publishers as Image, IDW, Darkhorse, and Glenat.

  1. I would say - maybe it’s not an inspiration - but I played hockey growing up. I still find that is something that pushes me forward - maybe it’s a competitive thing that helps me keep working and getting better.
  2. For every project I feel like I’m starting from scratch every time. Do I know how to draw? What’s the style going to be? You’re figuring everything out at the beginning - you’re going into the unknown. It's exciting and daunting because you don’t know what’s going to happen.
  3. (Editor: We forgot to ask the 3rd question.)
  4. Two Deadpools.

You can see some of Vic Malhotra's work on his Tumblr.

The Killer Inside Me  is a recent release with art by Vic Malhotra.

The Killer Inside Me is a recent release with art by Vic Malhotra.

Salty Sea Dog

Blair and Sarah Dawes are passionate about art and the sea - which becomes quite apparent when you take a look at their work.

  1. The ocean. We’re both surfers. Every time we are at the coast we feel at home, it gives us tonnes of inspiration. It’s the best place to be.
  2. The challenge of how to actually, physically make it. Taking it from your mind to your hands. The process of making ceramics is not necessarily easy, it’s figuring out “will that actually work”. You can look at something and say “my mind says that will work” but when you’re building it, that changes.
  3. I love everything at Expo. Honestly, everything.
  4. Bob (Tomko) and his son Gene (Troock) from Bob's Burgers.

You can see some more of their work on their website.

Some of Salty Sea Dog's ocean-themed works.

Some of Salty Sea Dog's ocean-themed works.

Beth Sparks

Beth Sparks is a cartoonist and concept artist from the Chicago area, and a good friend of Ryan Troock.

  1. Every so often I’ll dip into books about ciphers and codes, and I use that a lot for design elements in my art.
  2. Going far away from the typical big-two colouring style - I want to make it look textural, I want to make it look like paint - or something adjacent to paint.
  3. I’ve been really digging Gillian Newland I keep going by and going “ahhh gorgeous illustrations”.
  4. Fraser (Troock) and Niles (Tomko).

You can check out more of Beth's work on their website.

Sometimes the answer to our first question become incredibly obvious after-the-fact.

Sometimes the answer to our first question become incredibly obvious after-the-fact.

Amanda Bachelot & Kirsten Badley

Amanda and Kirsten are both web and graphic designers who spend their free time doing anything they can to be creative. 

  1. Kirsten: I like Frank Gehry, so I pull a lot from architecture. It’s really easy to pull from one medium to another - trends that show up in fashion can easily show up in interior design or graphic design.
    Amanda: A big place that I’ve drawn a lot of my inspiration from is fantasy books, the old school ones. I read dungeons & dragons novels when I was like 12 years old. They just immersed me in that fantasy - that world beyond what we have, it just sparked something.
  2. Kirsten: I struggled with my D&D monsters, I was using a style I’d previously done. It was a nightmare, because I felt stuck in that style. But, it's so easy to adjust what you're working towards. I changed my style and ended up finishing them in a few days. 
    Amanda: I love having checkpoints when I’m working on things, working on details and then taking a step back to look at the whole thing.
  3. Amanda: I just took a walk around, and it was the least nerdy thing in the whole place that I connected with the most. There was this picture of the ocean, that was partially coloured, and the top was just line-art with a great transition. I just couldn’t stop looking at it, or thinking about it, and I’m going to go back and buy it.
    Kirsten: I’ve always bought design heavy art when I come to this convention. There’s an artist here whose art is all about astronomy, his stuff is beautiful. It’s very minimalist, beautifully textured, almost art deco in its line-work. It absolutely hit me, it made me realize that the stuff I love here isn’t necessarily the nerdy stuff, but the stuff that appeals to me as a designer.
  4. Amanda: Ed (Troock) an Alphonse (Tomko) from Full Metal Alchemist.
    Kirsten: Same.

You can check out Amanda's art on her website.

Some of Amanda's Overwatch art.

Some of Amanda's Overwatch art.

Thanks to everyone for participating in our new feature - the Fast4!  We look forward to trying this out again, soon!  Also, stay tuned to our site for even more in-depth features on the cool people we met at the Edmonton Expo!